Helping Others Achieve Their Dreams

At American Dream Investments, LLC, we believe that every person deserves the opportunity to be in control of their own dreams. Whether it be the dream of owning their own home, getting out of debt, or saving money for retirement, we are here to help. We focus on the individual needs of a family and custom build a program that best suits their needs, and help to achieve their goal.

 Ways That We Can Help

  • Stopping Foreclosuresheadache
  • Rehabilitating Abandoned Properties That Nobody Wants
  • Rescue Owners From The Burden Of Distressed Properties
  • Offer The Opportunity To Own A Home When The Bank Says No
  • Already Lose Your House At A Tax Sale? We May Be Able To Get You Money That You Don’t Realize Is Rightfully Yours!


Some of Our Benefits

    • Offer High Rates Of ReturnProblem-Solution
    • Give People Options With Their Money
    • Assist With Setting Up New Retirement / Savings Accounts
    • LEAD BY EXAMPLE – We put our own money where we advise!


How does it Work?

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